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Article from the Journal of Dementia Care November/December 2014
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We are a Stockport based group of people living with dementia, who raise awareness about dementia.


We meet regularly to share our experience of managing the difficulties dementia can cause. Our aim is to inspire others to live well with dementia, and to involve people with dementia in the life of their communities.  EDUCATE receives support from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and Stockport Council.

We are part the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP), a  network of Involvement groups for people with dementia

As people with dementia, we believe it is possible to overcome the isolation and stigma many people with dementia still experience. We believe our own experience puts us in a  position to explain to others that it is possible to continue to  live well.

We do this by delivering Living well with dementia talks to organisations, community and faith groups.


Having lived through the shock of a dementia diagnosis ourselves,we believe a timely diagnosis can help people adjust to their new situation. We work alongside health professionals to support others who are newly diagnosed, to help overcome their initial anxieties and help them face the future in a positive frame of mind.


We believe that those involved in the support of people with dementia should be given the training and education they need, so we use our lived  experience of dementia to help deliver training courses alongside health and social care professionals.


We want to work towards a genuinely dementia friendly community, where people with dementia can lead active lives without facing barriers that isolate them from everyone else.


We do this by auditing buildings and events to make sure they are made accessible to people with dementia. We act as consultants to professionals and organisations responsible for policies and services that affect people with dementia.





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